Report: Google+ population could reach 20 million in a few days

Google's latest attempt at creating a social networking service seems to have already found a large audience, at least among the tech crowd. reports that a new study suggests that Google+ reached the 7.3 million mark in registrations on Sunday. That same study said that those numbers could reach the 10 million level today. If Google continues to allow new invites into the system the Google+ population could reach as much as 20 million in a few days.

These numbers come from a Google+ post written by Paul Allen. No, not the co-founder of Microsoft but the founder of He goes over how he arrived at the number in the post. It's a bit technical but basically he uses both info from Google+ as well as info from the US Census Bureau to come up with his numbers. He states, "I am not claiming perfect accuracy, but I do think the model is sound."

He adds, "I'm not sure how many more times I'll update this. I do believe it is quite accurate. Much more accurate than a guess. It is based on sound starting data, but some of my assumptions may not be perfect." He also says that he hopes that Google itself will finally release some official registration numbers for Google+ "so I can stop working on this in all my spare time." The rapid rise of Google+ in just a couple of weeks is already making many feel that Google might be able to create a true rival to Facebook and Twitter in the social networking space.

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