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Samsung launches SAVE campaign to demonstrate the role of memory solutions

Samsung SAVE Campaign

Cloud storage systems and smartphones play a key role in storing memories and data for the time to come. The semiconductor solutions offered by Samsung Electronics are among some of the technology components that make this possible. So, Samsung has launched its SAVE campaign in order to demonstrate the importance of these chips.

The slogan of this campaign is, "Samsung Memory Saves All the Progress in the World." The tech giant has also joined forces with a K-pop boy-band, NCT 127, to release a music video, SAVE, that aims to convey the significance of the memory solutions the company provides to its users.

The press release from Samsung mentions that:

The word ‘save’ has many meanings: ‘to store’, ‘to gather’, ‘to cherish’, ‘to protect’, ‘to recover’ and ‘to liberate’ being just a few. Accordingly, the SAVE campaign’s message is ‘Samsung Memory Saves All the Progress in the World.’ This slogan summarizes Samsung’s commitment to contributing to society in ways that benefit everyone and bring about a better world for all through technology solutions that preserve the multifarious values and experiences of societies from all corners in the world.

The company has also launched a campaign film that displays the values and vision that power Samsung Memory. Moreover, it has developed a new symbol for the campaign that is centered on the "Save" icon, which you can see at the top of this article.

The design incorporates a download arrow icon, modern SD card design, and a floppy disc shape to elaborate the importance of old and new saving solutions, and to work as a universal symbol for the concept of saving and memory.

For more information on the SAVE campaign, head over to the dedicated webpage here.

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