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Samsung unveils 32Gbps GDDR7 memory for 'the next generation of graphics performance'

A picture of Samsungs GDDR7 chips

Samsung Electronics has revealed its latest-generation Graphics Double Data Rate 7 chips or GDDR7. The manufacturer promises the industry's highest speed and better efficiency, and its first partners will receive the chips later this year for verification.

According to Samsung, the new GDDR7 memory modules (16Gb or 2GB per chip) improve bandwidth by 40%, delivering an impressive 1.5TB/s and 32Gbps per pin. For comparison, GDDR6 chips Samsung announced last year (still sampling) reach up to 1.1TB/s.

Speed improvements were made possible thanks to the Pulse Amplitude Modulation-3 (PAM3) signaling method instead of the previous generation's Non-Return to Zero (NRZ). Samsung claims PAM3 delivers 50% more data than NRZ within the same signaling cycle.

A picture of Samsungs GDDR7 chips

In addition to improving speed and boosting performance, GDDR7 memory from Samsung lowers power consumption and delivers 20% efficiency improvements using "power-saving design technology optimized for high-speed operations." Manufacturers will also have the option to equip their devices (laptops or tablets) with low-voltage memory. Still, there is no exact voltage data from Samsung, so expect more details in the future.

Finally, Samsung says its GDDR7 memory has an epoxy molding compound (EMC) with high thermal conductivity to improve head dissipation and ensure stable performance during intensive high-speed operations. It is no secret how hot GDDR6 memory chips can get, so GDDR7 should improve on this front thanks to reduced package thermal resistance by 70% compared to GDDR6.

Our GDDR7 DRAM will help elevate user experiences in areas that require outstanding graphics performance, such as workstations, PCs and game consoles, and is expected to expand into future applications such as AI, high-performance computing (HPC) and automotive vehicles. The next-generation graphics DRAM will be brought to market in line with industry demand and we plan on continuing our leadership in the space.

You can learn more about Samsung's GDDR7 memory chips on the Samsung Newsroom website.

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