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Samsung reveals what caused the Galaxy Note7 issues - yeah, it was the battery

After months of rumors and third party input, Samsung has finally revealed what actually caused the issue in its Galaxy Note7. As you can probably guess, it was the battery.

There was an abundance of theories as to why the Note7 had issues, but it was only just confirmed in December that an official report had been completed. Samsung would later announce that it would reveal the results to the public and has today followed through with those plans. Although the conference has concluded, Samsung also unveiled a new website and video dedicated to the incident and what the company will be doing going forward to prevent a similar issue from occurring.

After the recall, Samsung tasked 700 researchers with finding out what caused the issue with the devices. They tested over 200,000 handsets and 30,000 batteries and found that in both the original and reissued devices, the batteries were to blame. Because of this incident, the firm will use a new eight point safety check to ensure that all handsets coming off the line are as safe as they possibly can be.

With this huge hurdle out of the way, Samsung can now fully focus on providing the best possible experience for its next handset, the Galaxy S8. If rumors are to be believed, the Samsung is expected to skip announcing the handset at Mobile World Congress in February and will instead hold its own private event in New York sometime in April.

Source: Samsung

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