Saturday PC game sales deals hit the Internet

Saturday is a time of getting outside, going to visit family and friends, seeing a movie or maybe going to a weekend town barbecue. But if you are forced to be inside this day perhaps you can check out a few PC games that are on sale for a limited time. The Steam web site has a game that's got a price cut today. From now until 1 pm Eastern time on Sunday you can get Peggle Nights, the very addictive casual puzzle-arcade game from PopCap Games, on sale. It's price has been cut 50 percent off from $9.99 to a mere $4.99.

Over at the Impulse web site there's a one day sale on Necrovision: Hardcore Edition. This is a bundle of the original WWI-themed horror first person shooter from Poland-based developer The Farm 51 and its expansion pack Lost Company. You can now download and purchase the Hardcore Edition from Impulse today only for just $6.24, a 75 percent price cut.

Finally the Green Man Gaming web site has a 50 percent sale for a limited time on Railworks 2. This railroad simulation game from developer is priced currently at just $17.49. In addition there's a boatload of DLC packs for Railworks 2 that add new trains and train routes to the original game. They are on sale as well for prices ranging from $7.49 to $14.97. Finally you can get Zuma's Revenger over at the Games For Windows Marketplace web site for 50 percent off to just $9.99 for a limited time.

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