Sea of Thieves 'Shrouded Islands' Adventure is now live with a new storyline

Last month, Rare revealed the latest direction Sea of Thieves is heading in, with monthly drops of narrative content replacing the previous generic events structure. The first of these Adventures, titled Shrouded Islands, has now landed as promised, introducing a new questline, world changes, new NPCs, and more.

Speaking to Larinna at any Outpost Tavern is the gateway to beginning this new journey. As part of the Adventure, the Golden Sands Outpost has become engulfed in a mysterious and danger-filled fog, with even the giant floating head of Captain Flameheart disappearing at the same time from skies.

Here's how Rare describes the new quest and what players will be uncovering:

What’s the cause of the mysterious fog slowly consuming the Sea of Thieves? Just who is Belle, and what is her relationship to the Sea of the Damned? Can Golden Sands Outpost be saved? It’ll be up to you and your crew to discover these answers for yourselves by taking part in Sea of Thieves’ new Adventures.

Sea of Thieves Shrouded Islands Adventure artwork

Those looking for a lore refresher, or new players wondering how everything fits together before jumping in, can head here for a rundown of the story so far and the major characters involved. Rare will be pushing out 12 Adventures in 2022 alongside the usual content updates as well as seasonal Mysteries for the community to solve in 2022, all via free updates.

The Sea of Thieves Shrouded Islands Adventure will be available to play from now through March 3. With the servers going back up, anyone who owns the game on Xbox consoles or PC, as well as Game Pass subscribers on both platforms can now jump in and begin the storyline.

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