Facing issues with controlling lights via Google Home? You're not alone

If you have been facing issues when trying to control lights via the Assistant-powered Google Home, you should know that you're not alone. The issue is being reported by numerous frustrated users on multiple Google and Reddit forums, but it does seem like the company is investigating these reports.

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As spotted by XDA Developers, the issue was highlighted by Reddit user u/usernamechequesout in a post on the Google Home subreddit a few hours ago. Since then, many others have chimed in and are claiming that they are having problems trying to control lights through their Home setup too.

Basically, issuing orders to dim the lights or related commands via Home results in a "Sorry, I don't understand" response from Assistant. According to the comments section, people initially thought that it was just a glitch and rebooted their devices. However, this did not solve their problem. A factory reset apparently doesn't work either.

Although Google hasn't issued an official public statement as of yet, people who have reached out to the company's support teams have heard that Google is aware of the problem and is currently investigating. That said, the problem does not appear to be global as many have claimed that their voice commands are working fine.

The latest reports come in hot on the heels of a problem related to inferior white noise causing people to lose sleep with Google Home setups. The company fixed that within a few days, so here's to hoping that this issue gets resolved sooner rather than later too.

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