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Seagate Announces 12GB Micro Hard Disk

Seagate has announced a new 1-inch 12GB hard disk that is substantially smaller and faster than its current top of the line 8GB model.  The ST1.3 series 12GB disk is 23 percent smaller, has a 50 percent greater capacity, and consumes 30 percent less power than its predecessor.  The disk is designed for use in mobile phones and portable media devices.  The drive is the second Seagate model to use perpendicular recording, and the first to do so in the 1-inch category.

The drive's small size of 40x30x5 mm allows for more streamlined media devices and is suited well for clamshell and candy bar style mobile phones.  As part of its G-Force Protection system Seagate will also offer an optional drop sensor which will increase shock resistance 33 percent and help the drive survive a 1.5 meter or roughly five foot fall onto concrete or ceramic surfaces when properly mounted inside a device.  In addition, Seagate's RunOn technology will keep the track heads aligned when the device is in motion.

The ST1.3 begins shipping in the third quarter of this year.

News source: Techtree.com

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