Seattle Microsoft Store quickly sells out of new 128 GB Surface Pro shipment

How hard is it to get a 128 GB Surface Pro tablet at the moment? Very, very hard. This weekend we called quite a few Microsoft Store retail locations in the US to ask when they might get a new shipment of the more expensive version of the Windows 8 Pro tablets. All the stores we talked to said they might get a shipment in later this week, with some saying it might happen Tuesday or Wednesday.

As it turns out, at least one Microsoft Store got a shipment of the 128 GB tablet in today. The lucky store was the Seattle location, according to We called the Seattle store and was told that the location received 50 of the $999 tablets in its shipment.

That's the good news. The bad news is that there was a big line that formed outside the store this morning full of people wanting to get their hands on the 128 GB version. The Microsoft Store employee told Neowin that their shipment amount sold out in less than an hour and that a number of people in line were not lucky enough to get one.

The employee told us that there might be another shipment of the tablets coming into the store on Friday ... maybe. Meanwhile, a quick call to several other Microsoft Stores across the nation revealed they did not get a shipment of the tablets in today but they might still get one later this week.

Add all of this up, and the result is that Microsoft can't ship enough of the 128 Surface Pro tablet to meet demand at the moment, and its not yet clear when things will stabliize.

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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