Secure Network (VPN) settings are now live in Microsoft Edge Canary

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Back in April this year, traces of an integrated VPN (Virtual Private Network) dubbed "Secure Network" were spotted in Microsoft Edge. The service will be powered by Cloudflare. A month later, the Redmond company officially made its announcement adding some more details about the new feature.

Fast forward to today, Secure Network settings are now live in the latest Edge Canary build. They are available inside the "Privacy, search, and services" menu in Settings.

Secure Network VPN settings

As you see in the image above, there are three options available for Edge Secure Network. The first one on the left lets you choose which websites you want to use the VPN on. Using this option, users can also add exclusions (image below) to sites they never wish to wish VPN on.

Secure Network VPN settings

The recommended option is "Optimized" that will automatically turn VPN on when using public Wi-Fi. Finally, there is the option to use Secure Network on all websites. The 1GB of free VPN data cap per month is present in all the options.

Edge Canary Secure Network settings

Finally, now, in addition to the amount of data used up, the option to toggle VPN always-on for a particular website has also been added.

Via: Leopeva64-2 (Reddit)

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