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Sega have officially announced their plans for the Autumn Tokyo Game Show, and the games they intend to have on hand. There's something for everyone on the list (previously released games are in italics)...


Hot Springs 2

PowerSmash 2

Sakura Taisen 4

Sakura Taisen Online

PlayStation 2

Crazy Taxi

Hot Springs 2

Space Channel 5

Virtua Fighter 4


Phantasy Star Online

Sonic Adventure 2

Super Monkey Ball

Virtua Striker 3


Gun Valkyrie

Jet Set Radio Future

Sega GT 2002

Game Boy Advance

Columns Advance

Pinball of the Dead

Puyo Puyo

Sakura Taisen

Sonic Advance

Of these titles, the big announcement is probably Virtua Fighter 4, which has been kicking up an almighty fuss in arcades across the States. Punters love it, apparently. We're also a bit partial to the likes of Jet Set Radio Future and of course the oft-delayed Sonic Advance.

News source: gaming.blueyonder.co.uk

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