Shift Linux Needs Developers

Neowin's own Shift Linux is in desperate need of developers and community members who can assist with the final phase of this project. Unfortunately our primary developer cannot continue at this time, thereby stalling the project until we have new members who are willing to devote time to get our final public version out the door. We have many talented graphics and web design members who have spent a good amount of time creating the vehicles to deliver a quality distribution.

Because this is a community project, and so many of our community members have contributed to it already, we would like to complete this project as soon as possible. However, since this is a Linux distribution that represents the Neowin community, we do not want to deliver an inferior product. Our distribution has been licensed by LMI as well as picked up by websites such as Distrowatch, so we have gained some exposure and attention that we would like to see through to its fruition. For that reason we're asking our Neowin community to help us get this distribution finalized.

If you have the time, motivation, and desire to help us with this project, please PM Barney for further details.

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