Skype support for Nokia 808 PureView launched

While Nokia is still committed to releasing devices based on Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, the company still has a ton of smartphones out there that are running on its own Symbian Belle operating system. That includes the Nokia 808 PureView, with its impressive 41 megapixel camera. Nokia launched the 808 PureView earlier this year in Europe. In the US, the smartphone is available for sale, unlocked, for $699.

Now it looks like many new Symbian Belle smartphones from Nokia that are running the FP1 and FP2 versions, which includes the 808 PureView, can now download and use a version of Microsoft's Skype client. The fan site My Nokia Blog noted that the company quietly offered the Skype app for download this week.

Microsoft has launched a new client for Windows 8 and a preview version for Windows Phone 8 and this expansion continues the trend of building out the Skype install base. Microsoft has already announced that Skype will replace its older Microsoft Live Messenger application sometime in 2013 and take the title as the company's premier messaging platform. 

Source: My Nokia Blog | Image via Nokia

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