Skyrim: Very Special Edition meme was the best thing about Bethesda's E3 conference [Update: It's real!]

The myriad versions and ports of Skyrim on almost all possible platforms have become somewhat of a running joke among the Bethesda community over the last couple of years. On stage today, Bethesda Game Studios' director Todd Howard announced a new, and far more enticing, addition to the Skyrim family, a 'Very Special Edition', if you will.

Featuring Keegan-Micheal Key, the launch trailer for the new game showcases Skyrim running on anything and everything from Alexa to an Etch A Sketch to pagers to fridges, basically anything in your house that can be called an appliance (and even some that can't).

This - not Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield or Fallout 76 - was the biggest announcement by Bethesda at E3 this week, though I'm still left wondering when my toaster will make the cut. When it does, do I need to say yol toor shul to make toast?

Update: It turns out that the spoof is actually real. Bethesda actually went ahead and published a skill on Alexa that allows you to play Skyrim with your smart speaker like a Choose Your Own Adventure title. The skill is only available in the US, unfortunately, but you can try it out here.

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