Slack updates its logo, promises other visual changes

If you use Slack to communicate within your company or organization, you may have received an update today and noticed that the logo has changed quite a bit. The team behind one of the most popular communication tools for organizations today announced that it changed the logo for Slack and has begun rolling it out today.

Slack says the change was made out of the need to simplify the logo to allow for more cohesive imagery throughout various aspects of the company and product. The previous tilted pound sign logo featured a whopping 11 colors, which not only made it hard to use on different colored backgrounds but also made it "extremely easy to get wrong".

Variations of the new Slack logo

You may have noticed that the company used a few variations of its logo in different contexts, which made it look better in each specific case, but ultimately made for incoherent visuals, and Slack believes this made it hard to recognize its brand. The new logo slims things down to four colors and does away with the 18º orientation that the previous logo used.

Slack was very quick to roll out the new logo, and our devices on both Android and Windows 10 are already sporting it - a stark contrast to the new Microsoft Office icons that don't seem to be available for anyone yet. To go along with the new logo, Slack says some changes will be made to visuals around the brand, including the website and parts of the apps. One small change seems to already be available based on our testing, with the sidebar changing from its grayish tone to a dark purple.

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