Sony and Immersion End Lawsuit

Sony and Immersion have finally made up, possibly paving the way for future rumble compatibility on the sixaxis? certainly thinks so. A new agreement has been made which will see Immersion working on introducing rumble features into future Playstation products, although declined to comment exactly on what products these would be.

"Our new business agreement with Sony is specifically intended to enable advanced vibration capability for the benefit of the PlayStation community," said Victor Viegas, CEO of Immersion. "We are happy to provide our technology in this regard and hope to make technical proposals very soon with respect to use of our technology in the PlayStation products."

Kaz Hirai also commented on the agreement saying, "We look forward to exploring with Immersion exciting new ways to bring the largest and best range of gameplay experiences to our customers."

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So, it seems as though Sony may be listening to the masses after all. Personally, rumble isn't a great loss for me, but it's always nice to know it's there. Like backwards compatibility.

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