Sony launches new Windows 8 Vaio Fit touchscreen notebooks

Sony seems to be pretty committed to launching new Windows 8 PC notebooks that have touchscreen support. Today, the company revealed plans to launch a new series of Vaio laptops that are aimed at the mainstream user under a new brand, Vaio Fit. reports that there are actually two Vaio Fit lines. The regular line has a 14 inch model with a display resolution of 1600x900 that's priced at $649. The larger 15 inch Vaio Fit has a 1080p display and sells for $699. Sony is also selling cheaper versions, under the Vaio Fit E brand (yes, it is complicated). The 14 inch model sells for $547 and the 15 inch version is going to be sold for $579. Both have display resolutions of 1366x768. All of these notebooks will go on sale later in May.

CNET reports that some other Vaio Windows 8 PCs are getting some hardware upgrades this month as well. The Vaio L all-in-one PCs can now have hard drives as large as 3 TB. The Vaio Tap 20, the 20 inch all-in-one PC that can also serve as a really big tablet, now has a WiDi hardware option. This will allow the Tap 20 to send video to a TV that has a WiDi compatible receiver box.

Source: | Image via CNET

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