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Sony to show off 360-degree display, and no need for glasses

Sony has announced that they will be showing off a prototype 3D display that can be viewed from any angle, without any glasses, according to a press release by Sony (via TechRadar). The 27 centimeter tall cylindrical display will be on show at the Digital Content EXPO 2009 later this month.

The 96px by 128px resolution display isn't exactly groundbreaking to say the least, but what makes it special is that the same image can be seen from any angle, and without glasses, although Sony does not mention how it achieves this.

One of the benefits of the stereoscopic display is that it allows multiple users to view the same image at once. Sony isn't clear about where they will be taking their latest project, but have mentioned some potential uses of the 360-degree 3D display, such as at large events and exhibitions, assuming they develop a larger version than the prototype.

Whilst 3D displays have come a long way since they started, one of the main hurdles was the fact that 3D glasses had to be worn in order to view the images in all of their glory. However, it seems Sony is making an effort to overcome the issue with this prototype, which will be on show at the Digital Content EXPO 2009 in Tokyo, from October 22 to 25.

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