Spore Galactic Adventures set for spring release

EA's latest simulation, Spore, is set to receive its first official expansion pack this spring, according to Kotaku. Many were led to believe that Spore: Creepy and Cute Parts Pack was just this, but apparently not. The game looks set to follow a similar path as The Sims 2, with multiple expansions and add-on packs – more fun for some, something a little more debatable for others.

No details were released about the expansion pack, developed by Maxis. However, they plan to reveal the details of it, and possibly future expansions and add-on packs, at an event held in San Francisco, not long from now.

Fans of the game (children in particular) will be delighted to hear the news, although many are little less willing to pre-order what has been labelled as a rip off by some. And that could be expected when you look at The Sims 2, which had 6 editions of the base game (although some contained expansion packs), 8 expansion packs and 10 'stuff' packs – which normally contained 60 extra items to add to the game. It's down to you to decide what value that holds.

There is no specific date of release available as of yet, but it is expected to be announced at the San Francisco event, with the details.

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