Star Citizen's new free fly event lasts through February 25 and offers six ships

Star Citizen promo material showcasing space ships in combat

Cloud Imperium Games has opened up Star Citizen again for anyone to try out for the next 10 days or so. This is the first free fly event to hit the crowd-funded behemoth in 2021, and during it, players gain access to the latest public alpha build of the in-development space trading and flight sim. Its most recent major content update, Alpha 3.12.0, brought in dynamic events, tractor beams, space gas clouds, and more features.

The studio is offering all players six ships that they may use without restrictions during the event, providing access to the massive persistent universe as well as the separate Arena Commander dogfighting mode and the team-based first-person shooter mode Star Marine.

The free fly ships available cover most of the activities players may want to check out in the game's universe, from dogfighting and mining to racing and hauling cargo across the solar system. The ships are the RSI Aurora MR, CNOU Mustang Alpha, MISC Prospector, MISC Freelancer, Anvil Arrow, and the Drake Dragonfly Black. For those looking to continue playing after the trial, Cloud Imperium Games has also discounted several of its starter packs that now start their pricing from $40.50.

Star Citizen screenshot showcasing the Anvil Arrow

The Star Citizen February Free Fly event can be accessed by applying the code GETINTOTHEVERSE in the 'coupon' section on the bottom of this page here. A free account on the platform is a requirement for joining the event which is slated to end on February 25 at 23:59 UTC. Also, for brand new players, the developer recommends going through the game's guide section to get a hang of the various elements more easily.

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