Study: 28 percent of 3DS owners don't care for 3D effects

Nintendo's 3DS portable game console was heavily hyped before its release due to its use of 3D effects on one of the console's two screens. The 3D visuals can be seen without the need for special glasses and can be adjusted or turned off entirely. But since the console was released in February in Japan and in March in the US there's been some questions as to the overall need for the 3D effects for the games made especially for the console.

Gamespot reports that according to a new study by Interpret, just 22 percent of Nintendo 3DS owners surveyed believe that the 3D effects improve gameplay while 28 percent believe the effects actually detract from the gaming experience. 13 percent of 3DS owners say they play games on the console with the 3D effects turned completely off. The study also indicated that for non-3DS owners, 28 percent of them were not even aware that the console allowed for glasses-free 3D effects. The survey was conducted in May of this year with 1,600 people participating.

In terms of 3D gaming overall, Interpret's study says that just seven percent of gamers believe a handheld console is the ideal platform for playing games in 3D. 56 percent of those surveyed believe the best 3D gaming experience is with a large screen TV connected to a console; but at the same time, wearing glasses to experience the 3D effects is still a problem. 37 percent of those surveyed said they experienced nausea or dizziness which watching 3D games and entertainment on the screen.

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