TechSpot: Origin EON15-X 4K Gaming Laptop Review

Ultrabooks, shmultrabooks. Mobile or otherwise, gamers know there is no substitute for a massive slab of expensive and power-hungry hardware. Sure, the dividing line between laptop and desktop performance is thinning, but the singularity at which both converge remains to be seen.

As a result, Origin PC has implemented a straightforward tactic to grant laptops hairier chests: cram in an honest to goodness desktop CPU. Yep, Origin’s EON15-X packs a full-fledged “Devil’s Canyon” Intel Core i7 into a (relatively) modest 15-inch laptop. We’ll talk details in just a moment, but know this: relative to its peers, the EON15-X’s performance is impressive.

Read: Origin EON15-X Gaming Laptop Review
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