Telegram 4.0 released, bringing several major additions

Telegram 4.0 has officially been released and is available right now from iOS and Android’s respective app stores. The release is a major one bringing with it video messages, Telescope, Instant View support on most websites, and bot payment support.

Video messages on Telegram work in exactly the same way audio recordings work. To record a message, you tap the audio record button to flip to video record mode, then press and hold the record button. The update also allows you to swipe up on the record button if you want to record a video without having to keep your thumb pressed on the button. This now works when recording audio, too.

Telescope extends video messaging. When channel owners publish video messages to their followers, it is also given a public URL for non-Telegram users to access and watch the content; the URL can be found on the channel's Telescope page. The full library of a channel’s video messages can be found at Telescope allows content to spread outside of the Telegram network and attract new followers.

Instant View has been available for a while now on Telegram, but was limited to Telegram’s own website and articles posted on the blogging platform. Now, many more compatible websites will be able to be cached on Telegram's servers giving users faster access to the content within Telegram, rather than having to open a web browser. Instant View has also gained more functionality, it allows you now to adjust the font, font size, theme colour, and brightness.

The last major addition to Telegram in version 4.0 is the inclusion of bot payments. Bots have been around for a while, but now vendors which run bots can build in payment options allowing for a more streamlined purchasing experience. Payments on Telegram aren’t actually processed through Telegram itself, and thus the service stores none of your data; instead, it ties in with other services such as Stripe.

Source: Telegram

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