Telegram 5.10 released with silent messages, slow mode, admin titles and more

Telegram has announced the availability of version 5.10 of its app for Android and iOS. The new update brings a slew of features including silent messages, slow mode, admin titles, video timestamps and thumbnail scrubbing, animated emoji, a new attachment menu on Android, and customisable accent colours on iOS. There is also a comments widget which you can deploy on your websites where people can sign into Telegram to leave comments with text and photos, as well as like, dislike, and reply to comments from others.

With this update, it’s easy to send messages without recipients receiving a notification the other end. To do this just hold the send button and press the option to send a message without the notification sound. The recipient will still be notified but their phone won’t make a noise. This is a great option when you want to message someone who may be sleeping or attending a meeting. You can also send these silent messages in group chats.

If you’re a group admin and you feel like the group is difficult to manage due to the speed of the conversation, you can now enable slow mode. To enable this feature go to the group permissions setting and manage how often users can send a message. You can set the waiting period to options between 30 seconds, and one hour. Users will be able to see how long they have to wait in the text entry box. Admins have the option to leave this feature on permanently or toggle it on or off as necessary.

Another new feature for admins is custom titles, enabling you to pick whatever title you like for different admins. If your group has multiple admins, you can change their title by clicking their name in the group settings and scrolling down to custom title. A useful application of this feature is setting job roles for a more efficiently managed group.

Those are the main features in this update, but you can also include timestamps when you post a video. You can see previews for easier video scrubbing, emoji are now animated just like stickers, Android users benefit from larger thumbnails in the attachment menu which makes life a bit easier, and iOS users can customise the accent colours while on night mode.

Telegram 5.10 is now available for download on both Android and iOS. If you’ve already got the app installed and your apps automatically update, the new release will be with your shortly.

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