Tesla launches Cyberquad for Kids, it's available in the U.S. for $1,900

Tesla&039s Cyberquad for Kids

While everyone knows about the cars Tesla sells, did you know it also has a shop full of small items such as flasks, an umbrella, and even an official Tesla Cyberwhistle? The latest item to appear in the shop is a little bigger than the aforementioned items but definitely more affordable than a Tesla car. The new Cyberquad for Kids is now available for customers in the United States and it’s priced at $1,900, unfortunately, it may not arrive in time for Christmas if you were thinking about splashing out a bit more this year.

The Cyberquad for Kids is recommended for children aged 8 and above and is suitable for those who weigh less than 150 lbs. The vehicle comes with three speed settings; Setting 1 limits the vehicle to 5 mph, Setting 2 will let you reach 10 mph, and Reverse is restricted to 5 mph so children can avoid accidents while going backwards.

Tesla&039s Cyberquad for Kids

Similarly to Tesla’s cars, the Cyberquad for Kids is powered by a battery that takes up to 5 hours to completely charge. How long the battery will last depends on how the vehicle is used but Tesla estimates that it has a range of 15 miles. Variables that can affect battery life include the rider’s weight, the terrain they’re riding on, and the speed they’re going at.

The four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle is made from a full steel frame, has a cushioned seat, adjustable suspension, rear disk breaking, and a cyberpunkish LED light bar which is especially useful in low-light conditions. Tesla says that orders will be shipping in two to four weeks so if you’re ordering it as a Christmas present, it could arrive late.

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