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Hi everybody! we all know that last week saw some amazing and magical slow-downs on our server, some have even noticed that the slow-downs are all but gone.

The reason Neowin was crawling is because of an overlooked :cross: default logging function in Apache. Neowin gets far more visitors than a standard setup, thats why we require a dedicated box, a good dose of memory and an optimal setup as far as logging goes, after a short period of time our apache log was at around 2GB -yep 2 GIGS. Well our host have fixed this by incorporating a rotating log that after a specified time period simply overwrites itself. The time-frame allows for logging of potential errors (we had to add custom 403 and 404 pages since Apache couldn't find them and a few other files).

Well basically we felt it was significant enough to give a heads up on the reason why Neowin is fast again seemingly after "nothing had changed" Additionally we have been tweaking both the HTML and code behind Neowin to streamline it further, it appears that it has paid off because people seem generally satisfied with the results.

Thanks for being patient while we continue to configure Neowin and it's server, also a big hand to IPS hosting for responding to every slowdown with professionalism and willingness to help, we really are grateful, if you want to show your support, click the banner and see what IPS can do for you.

Thanks on behalf of the whole Neowin Team :)

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