The making of the Surface commercial - behind the scenes

When Microsoft released its first Surface commercial last Monday, it quickly got people talking. Now people can talk even more about the commercial, as a behind-the-scenes video displaying how it was made has been released.

In the video, seen above, director Jon M. Chu and his choreographers, Christopher Scott and Jamal Sims, talk about coming up with choreography for the commercial and how the tablet actually helped inspire the scenes.

"This is an extremely unique prop," Scott said, referring to Surface. "The thing with the magnet and the sound effects it's going to create music with a keypad and the tablet itself."

Sims added that the key to the commercial was that "everybody has to be good with props," making it a challenging commercial to pull off.

Chu tweeted that the commercial aired again last night during the first game of the World Series. This commercial has received some acclaim so far, with one marketing research company calling it the "most effective" tablet-only commercial on television this year.

Via: Jon M. Chu Twitter
Source: YouTube

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