The reportedly dead Microsoft Lumia 830 follow-up could be resurrected

Microsoft's Satya Nadella made deep cuts to its phone segment, but did vow that there would be some things in the pipeline that should satisfy those craving top-notch flagships. Now, the once canceled successor to the Lumia 830 dubbed 'Sanaa' is reportedly making a comeback and could be seen released in the coming year.

As reported by Windows Central, the reported follow-up to the Lumia 830 that was initially canceled, looks to have been resurrected and could see a release in the future. While there are no details as to why this handset is making its way back into the lineup, it should be an excellent option for those looking for a good Windows phone with an affordable price tag. Naturally, for those waiting for Microsoft's best will most likely opt for the Cityman or Talkman. While nothing official has been announced, the rumored handsets look to offer some of the best specifications to date.

Currently, the Lumia 830 is available from the Microsoft Store and AT&T. For more information be sure to check out our hands-on article of the Lumia 830.

Source: Windows Central

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