The Windows Live team wants your wish lists

It is not ordinary for Microsoft to request feedback in the following fashion, but kudos to the Windows Live team for asking online communities to send their feedback directly to their e-mail inbox. Kent Compton, a Product Planner for Windows Live, is seeking everyone's feedback. Before we get into the announcement, we have a few things to point out to our readers.

Your suggestions are going to be listened to, however don't get your hopes up by suggesting a plethora of features and expect them to deliver in the next version of Windows Live. We can tell you that Windows Live Wave 4 is already in development. With that in mind take into consideration that the Windows Live team already has their product map in place, and are working on development as we speak.

In the announcement Compton explained, "Most people feel it is too hard to give someone at Microsoft their feedback. I know I felt that too when I was a non-Microsoft employee (and I still feel that way as a consumer of other company's goods and services). I believe this has changed for the better in recent years with the proliferation of blogs (which allow comments), Help | Send Feedback (for Windows Live products), etc."

With that in mind, think of your favorite feature that you would absolutely love to see in your favorite Windows Live application or service. Whether it be tabbed chatting in messenger, or a simple AutoCorrect feature in Hotmail, think of how it would impact customers that use the product. Then think if your average Joe would know how to use the feature easily.

Once you've sat down and thought about it, send it directly to the Windows Live team. In an effort to control the spam being sent, Compton has provided us with the following image with the e-mail address listed:

Let us know what you'd like to see too, in essence a team effort can be made to push these features they are something we've all wanted!

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