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Top 10 gaming features and changes Windows 11 users want

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Gaming is an essential part of the Windows ecosystem, and Microsoft should pay close attention to the voice of gamers if it wants Windows to succeed. In this part of our "Top 10 features and changes users want," we look closer at what people say about gaming in Windows 11. Here are the most popular gaming-related requests from gamers and the number of upvotes those requests currently have.

It is worth noting that Feedback Hub is full of duplicating posts, so the exact number of upvotes of a specific request is significantly higher than those listed below. Be sure to upvote the complaints from this article to expedite the feedback and increase the chances of Microsoft doing something or at least providing a proper response (all the posts below are flagged with the generic "we've got this" message).

  1. Add an option to turn off the computer once a download finishes - 393+ upvotes
  2. Add an option to verify the integrity of game files - 149+ upvotes
  3. Add an option to limit download speeds (bandwidth) - 112+ upvotes
  4. Add an option to locate an installed game - 82 upvotes
  5. Display playtime in hours, not days - 70+ upvotes
  6. Bring back some of the old Xbox Console Companion Features - many upvotes
    This includes many feedback pieces, with users asking Microsoft to restore previously available features: club management, activity feed, streaming, etc. Many customers across the Feedback Hub complain that the Xbox app is raw and not feature-complete compared to the Xbox Console Companion app.
  7. Improve system requirements discoverability - 42+ upvotes​​​
    Finding the system requirements for a specific title requires quite a lot of clicks in the current version of the Xbox app. The author of this feedback piece claims a more accessible system requirements section will improve the user experience and reduce the chances of accidental purchases with subsequent refunds.
  8. Add a better taskbar icon - 37+ upvotes
    This one is self-explanatory. The Xbox app's icon looks too out-of-place, desperately needing some fluent treatment.
  9. Add controller battery notifications - 32+ upvotes
    This feedback piece is heavily underrated. Although you can get a rough estimate of your controller's battery level, the system does not alert when the battery is about to kick the bucket, resulting in abrupt disconnections and lost games.
  10. Allow per-game language settings - 28+ upvotes

The most popular gaming requests from Windows 11 and 10 customers are hardly surprising. Despite leading the industry and providing the main and only platform for PC gaming, Microsoft struggles with many basic or straight primitive things. And we have not mentioned the massive number of cryptic errors people deal with when using the Xbox app, miserable performance, UI inconsistencies with the rest of the system, and all sorts of annoying bugs.

Still, it is not the end of the world. The Xbox app for Windows frequently gets updates, so there is hope for improvements and better times. After all, most gaming stores on Windows have already figured out most of the above mentioned things.

Do you agree that the list above is what gaming on Windows 11 and 10 needs the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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