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These 12 countries were in the Netflix top performance tier for June 2023

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Streaming giant Netflix released the updated version of the Netflix ISP Speed Index monthly report for June 2023. As per the updated numbers, twelve countries were in the top performance tier during the previous month.

The list of top-tier countries includes the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Iceland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand. Netflix said the average speed in these countries and regions was recorded at 3.6 Mbps. Similarly, Venezuela, Pakistan, and the Dominican Republic fall in the bottom tiers with average speeds of 1.8 Mbps and 2.6 Mbps respectively.

Netflix ISP Speed Index June 2023

The company notes that Singapore and Hong Kong have remained in the top performance tier for the last 12 months. Speaking of which, Singapore also bagged the top spot in the broadband internet speed report published by Ookla earlier this year.

June also saw two ISPs based in Pakistan and DIRECT TV in Colombia gaining 0.2 Mbps average speed. On the flip side, there were five ISPs based in Switzerland, New Zealand, Finland, Vietnam, and South Africa, whose speeds dropped by a margin of 0.4 Mbps.

It should be noted that the report gives an idea of the prime time Netflix performance for a given ISP and should not be referred to judge the network's overall performance. "Faster Netflix performance generally means better picture quality, quicker start times, and fewer interruptions," the company says.

Also, these numbers should not be confused with the speed recommendations suggested by Netflix, for instance, a minimum of 15 Mbps is required to stream titles in 4K UHD.

In related news, the company announced that now it's possible to transfer profiles to existing Netflix accounts. The feature was launched in October 2022 and allowed users to transfer their profile data such as personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, and other settings.

However, users were only allowed to transfer profiles to new Netflix accounts. The feature was introduced in the wake of the controversial password-sharing crackdown by the streaming giant. Netflix introduced account-sharing fees in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain earlier this year and analytics reports suggested that the move had a positive impact on the company's subscriber count.

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