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Third time's a charm! YouTube access unblocked by the Turkish government

The year 2007, oh what a magical time it was. Facebook was a baby, Android was in its infancy within the Google walls and YouTube was being blocked by Turkey at least for the first time.

Since then, Turkey has unblocked, blocked, unblocked and blocked it again. And it didn’t stop there, with bans on Twitter, Google’s public DNS and the very vague ‘insulting’ web sites. Users searched for workarounds to get to Twitter and YouTube, which ultimately lead to the country blocking Google’s public DNS servers.

Well a little ray of internet sunshine is back in the hands of the Turkish users, with the ban on YouTube being lifted by Turkey’s top court, citing the ban as a breach of user’s rights.

The ban on the sites, enforced by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's government, was put in place when audio recordings reportedly detailing corruption in Erdogan’s inner circle were leaked to the sites. Although Twitter has been available since April, it took until Tuesday June 3rd for access to YouTube to be restored.

Therefore, in the spirit of YouTube, here’s a kitty making angry noises!


Source: Reuters | Video: YouTube

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