This near $4000 "Gaming Chaise" from Hendrick's Gin is "Anti-optimized" for gaming

Hendrick's Gin, the Scottish gin maker, unveiled last month one of those very interesting gaming-focused products with its new Gaming Chaise. However, you may be a bit surprised to know that the company has designed this product with a different kind of gaming in mind. In fact, in the product description, Hendrick's Gin even labels the product as "Anti-optimized" for gaming.

Hendrick&039s Gin Gaming Lounge

The firm writes:

Although we enjoy video games as much as any iconoclastic gin distilled in a tiny seaside village in rural Scotland, it seems to us that current trends in gaming furniture have resulted in chairs lacking in worldly sophistication. We’ve chosen to remedy the situation with our very own gaming chaise, designed to accentuate the pleasures of a range of leisurely diversions, from card playing to chess, backgammon and other board games

Hence, it looks like Hendrick's Gin is targeting people who will still prefer old-school physical board games, like chess, or card games, while sipping some of the company's beverages. The Gaming Chaise is "ENGINEERED FOR UNPLUGGED PLAY" the company says.

The chair features, among other things:

  • An analog horn
  • Retractable arms
  • Covert compartments (for storing various things)

The Hendrick's Gin Gaming Chaise is priced at $3988.08. You can find out more information about it on the official website.

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