Tile and Intel team up to make it easier to find your laptop

Tile, the company known for its object trackers, has announced a partnership with Intel, which will see the processor manufacturer integrate Tile object-tracking capabilities into laptops and notebook PCs. This will make it easier to find a lost laptop if, for example, you forget it somewhere in public or someone snatches it from you.

Typically, Tile object trackers are external devices that you attach to whatever you don't want to lose. The trackers come in a variety of formats so they can be used with keychains, wallets, remote controllers, and more. It works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, so it can ring automatically if you're out of range.

The integration will make it so that these features come pre-built into PCs and don't require you to ruin the look of your laptop by sticking a tracker to it. It will also work even if the PC is in sleep mode. This isn't completely new, since HP announced that the Elite Dragonfly convertible would b getting Tile integration at CES 2020. However, it does mean we can expect the feature in other Intel-powered laptops.

Intel processors with Tile integration will be available to OEMs later this year and should show up in products you can buy soon after that.

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