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Tim Cook: Users will end up charging the Apple Watch every day

Last month, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which have quickly become a huge sales success. Alongside the two new handsets, the company also showed off its Apple Watch, which will go on sale sometime in early 2015 with a starting price of $349.

But one particularly important detail about the Apple Watch was notably absent from the company's announcement and press materials: battery life.

A common complaint regarding smartwatches is that they need to be recharged every day - not such an issue with a device that isn't physically attached to you, but more of an inconvenience with a wearable device that is supposed to add convenience to your life by always being on your wrist, ready for action. 

Unfortunately, it seems that Apple's magic still can't bend the laws of physics, and the Watch remains constrained by the limitations of current battery technologies. Speaking at this week's WSJ.D event, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted (albeit with some effort at putting a positive spin on things): 

We think people are going to use it so much you will end up charging it daily."

The underlying implication here is that the Apple Watch will be so good that people will use it more and run down the battery faster. Strip away the spin, of course, and the takeaway is that the Apple Watch is just another smartwatch, and - like every other smartwatch, phone or tablet out there - the more you use it, the more you'll have to charge it. 

And just like other cheaper smartwatches, the Apple Watch will still have to be charged every day. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal via MacRumors

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