Today is Password Day; McAfee suggests you change yours

Today is Password Day (but you knew that, right? Duh!), and it's being used as a way to give people a chance to learn more about password security. McAfee and its parent company, Intel, are making a simple suggestion to everyone today: change your password.

In a post on McAfee's official blog, the company states that 74 percent of people reuse the same password for many online accounts. It offers this simple suggestion:

If you need help moving from just one password, here’s a trick: Use one for your bank accounts, another for email and social networking accounts, so if your email account gets hacked, your bank account isn’t compromised.

The company has also released a new infographic, shown below, that offers tips on how to create a strong password. Adding characters such as upper case letters, numbers and spaces increase password strength. It also states that making a password longer can make it more complex, at least from a hacker's eyes, than a short password that has a lot of random characters.

Intel has also set up a web page that gives you a chance to see if your password is indeed a strong one. After you put in your choice for a password on the web page, it tells you how many seconds it might take for a hacker to crack it.

Source: McAfee | Image via McAfee

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