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Google Chrome may be getting a new security layer for autofill passwords

Yesterday, we learned that Google Chrome may be getting a sidebar search functionality similar to Microsoft Edge. This would allow users to highlight any text in a webpage to look for more information about it on the web without opening a new tab. Search results appear in a pane right side of the current web page, showing you all the relevant links, images, definitions, and videos.

Now, it seems like Chrome is getting another Edge feature too, and this time, it's a security enhancement.

Microsoft Edge password settings showing an arrow to require device credentials prior to autofill

Some Microsoft Edge users might not be aware of this but the browser actually offers a "Sign in with device password" setting. This adds a security layer when you are autofilling passwords in a form, as it prompts you to enter your device credentials prior to a password being autofilled. In essence, your device credentials act as a sort of a master password for autofill credentials on any website that you browse via Edge. This is not the default behavior of Edge, but you can see how to enable it in the screenshot above.

Now, it seems like Chrome may be getting the same feature soon. Eagle-eyed reader Leopeva64 has discovered that the capability is now available in Chrome Canary. You can see it in action below:

As highlighted, Chrome improves on Edge's implementation a bit by having the Windows dialog box tell you exactly which website you are granting autofill access to.

It's a nifty capability to have as it adds a security layer. It's also optional, which means that if you don't want to be bothered by prompts each time you autofill a password, you can easily leave the browser at its default configuration.

There's no word on when the feature will eventually reach Chrome Stable. Since it's currently on the Canary channel, it will have to go through some testing via Dev and Beta before it becomes available. Given that it's already available on Edge, there's little chance of it being canned during development.

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