Twitter announces new notification controls, including a quality filter

Twitter today announced two new notification settings that will be coming to the service, one of which is a quality filter. The idea is to give users greater control over what they see.

The idea behind the quality filter is to "improve the quality of Tweets you see by using a variety of signals, such as account origin and behavior." It should filter automated or duplicate content from your Twitter experience; however, it will not filter content from users that you follow.

The quality filter can be found in notification settings and should be rolling out to everyone within the coming days.

The other new feature gives the user more control over notifications. You'll now be able to only receive notifications from people that you follow. This feature should be rolling out today.

This is a big deal for users with a lot of followers. After all, many people simply turn Twitter notifications off due to the amount of likes, retweets, and mentions that they receive. Only getting a message when someone you follow gives you a mention would certainly clean up the experience.

Finally, the company notes that it will be easier to get to notification settings, as they will now be under the "Notifications" tab. Twitter says that these features should be live for everybody within the coming days, which means that Windows phone users shouldn't be left out this time.

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