Twitter starts to integrate search and trends

Twitter's search feature has long been one of its key features. After buying and integrating Summize, a search engine based around Twitter, last July the team has been working on optimising search. However, until now the search feature has been stuck away on its own subdomain with no clear integration for most users.

Last month the company started testing a new interface on a limited set of users, providing better search integration and a more prominent Trends feature. Today the site seems to be rolling this new look out to more users, with a widespread release on the horizon.

As you can see in the screenshots below, a search box is now integrated into the header along side a drop-down "Trends" menu which highlights some of the main topics currently being tweeted by users.

The search page itself has also been updated, integrated with the main Twitter design and including a new sidebar which offers links to relevant users, a "featured user" and to searches for the latest trend topics.

One final tweak to note is the addition of links to your profile and settings underneath your username on the homepage, where before your name simply linked to your profile.

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