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Fallout 4, released in 2015, was the best selling game in the UK in April 2024

fallout 4 screenshot showing the protagonist

In April, Amazon Prime Video dropped all eight episodes of the first season of the live-action adaptation of the Bethesda Game Studios RPG series Fallout. The show was a massive hit with both critics and audiences and quickly got renewed for a second season.

It also had the side effect of generating a lot of new interest in the game franchise. Sales of those titles got boosted on Steam, and on April 23, Bethesda announced that almost five million people were playing games in the series in just one day.

This week, the GSD (Game Sales Data) research group which monitors both physical and digital sales of games, announced that Fallout 4, the single-player RPG that launched in 2015, was the best-selling video game in April 2024 in the UK. The info, as reported by GamesIndustry.biz, did not give specific sales numbers, but it did say that the data showed that Fallout 4 was "comfortably" in the top spot.

In fact, other games in the series showed up on the GSD sales list. Fallout: New Vegas was the eighth-selling game in April in the UK, followed by the online title Fallout 76 in the ninth position, and Fallout 3 came in as the 11th-best-selling UK game in April.

This is a bit of good news for both Bethesda and its owner Microsoft which has had its share of bad news recently. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced it was shutting down three game studios under the Bethesda-ZeniMax Media division, and merging a fourth with another dev team.

Overall, the GSD data showed a big slowdown in overall console hardware sales, with 71,000 units sold in April, down 39 percent from a year ago. In terms of games, there were no new titles in the top 10. Stellar Blade, the PS5 exclusive game that launched in April, came in 12th place on the list. EA Sports FC 24 was the second best-selling game, and Arrowhead's sci-fi shooter Helldivers 2 was number 3.

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