'Unreal Tournament 2003' Bonus Pack Update

Epic Games and Digital Extremes are both working on a bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 2003. Epic's Cliff Blezineski has said that the bonus pack will include at least five new levels and at least one new game type, though he didn't specify if this might be the Assault mode from the original Unreal Tournament. Don't expect the new maps to look much like those already in the game, since they'll include lots of new art assets, such as textures and static meshes. In a recent forum posting, Blezineski said that "the bonus pack is going to have many more old-school-style flow maps."

Latest news from Digital Extremes Press Officer, Maven Meridith Braun about the upcoming bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 2003..

They're still working hard on it. The team was a little worn out before the holidays so unfortunately they didn't get it completed in time for Santa to deliver to all the good boys and girls but they are testing this week and next and hopefully it will be out before the end of January.

News source: Worth Playing

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