Update: DetonatorXP 27.20's leaked!

Thanks to Creamhackered and wI-OSMAN- for the links to these. I received the link to the w2k/xp driver late last night but was too tired to post, waiting paid off as I now have links to the 9x/Me ones too.

From MaxReboot: It appears it was only a matter of time. After the 27.00, 27.10 and 27.20 drivers started appear for Windows 2000 and XP only, I was worried that Wndows 9x/ME drivers of the 27.xx series wouldn't appear untill official release from NVIDIA sometime in February. I'm glad I was wrong!

Today, 27.20 nVidia detonator driver for Windows 9x and ME has finally appeared. The driver is dated 01/15/2002 (15th January 2002) and seems to perform better then the 23.11 driver in OpenGL and Direct3D. Expect increase in image quality as well.

However, may I remind you that this driver is unofficial and beta and in no way supported by NVIDIA! Install only at your own risk!

Download: DetonatorXP 27.20 9x/Me Driver

Download: DetonatorXP 27.20 2k/XP Driver | Mirror

View: Benchmarks @ Warp2search thanks nexty

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