UPDATE: DirectX 9.0 Beta 3

Thanks vla...There are many new and exciting features in all of the DirectX components. The SDK has added a new member to its core technology called Managed DirectX, a DirectPlay port for the PocketPC, a High Level Shader Language for D3DX, and Windows XP parity on downlevel operating systems for DirectShow and the DirectX audio APIs.

DirectShow also has a new Video Mixing Renderer (VMR9) which uses D3D9 surfaces and always renders video through the 3D pipeline, along with new and exciting samples.

Important notes:

  • Requires Microsoft® Windows® 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP

  • Does not support either Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0

  • Do not install the DirectX 9.0 beta on a machine that you need run the shader debugger for DirectX 8.1 code. There is a known issue in Beta 3 that prevents correct operation on DirectX 8.1 shaders. This will be fixed in the near future.

Update: Thanks brn2prgrm & MikeMTH for hosting the mirrors for Neowin.

Update: DirectX 9 Beta 3 Full Package (SDK) is now avaliable

Update: MS has finally sent out an email telling beta testers of the DX9 b3

Dear Microsoft Beta Tester.

Welcome to the Beta 3 release of Microsoft DirectX 9. The DirectX 9 Beta 3 SDK download is now available at BetaPlace. We make our beta releases available to a select group of developers and enthusiasts to help us ensure that our final release is stable and secure. Your involvement is critical to this goal.

Download: DX9 Beta 3 @ brn2prgrm (230kb)

Download: DX9 beta 3 @ Neowin (230kb)

Download: DX9 Beta 3 @ MikeMTH (230kb)

Download: DirectX 9 Beta 3 Full Package (SDK) @ ieXbeta

View: DX9 Beta 3 SDK Readme

News source: Beta Place

Note: This is BETA software! This expires Jan 8th 2003

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