US Supreme Court declines to hear Google's appeal against Oracle

Google has been involved in a losing battle against Oracle over the use of Java in its Android operating system for quite some time and now the top US court has declined to hear the company's appeal to relax license fees.

The legal battle between Oracle and Google began in 2011 and continued until 2014, when it was finally ruled that Google had indeed infringed on copyrightable code from Java APIs and had to pay licensing fees to Oracle.

Google went on to appeal the ruling insisting that the use of Java should be free and that it would stifle innovation if licensing fees were imposed. However, according to a Reuters report, the Supreme Court was told to not take the case by the Obama administration after it was asked to intervene earlier this year.

The latest decision of the Supreme Court does not mark the end of the Google vs Oracle case though, as the companies will be heading to San Francisco for a Federal Court session with Google's alternate "fair use" defense.

Source: Reuters via Recode I Image via Shutterstock

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