Verizon is now the only US carrier that sells a Windows phone

Verizon doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to Windows phones. Back in February 2015, its flagship Nokia Lumia Icon was the very last eligible device to receive Windows Phone 8.1, and the carrier famously blocked the Lumia 950 from its network.

However, the firm has arguably sold the most diverse lineup of Windows handsets. Back in the 8.1 era, it was the only US carrier to offer three different flagship Windows phones: the Nokia Lumia Icon, HTC One M8, and Samsung ATIV SE.

And now, it's the only US carrier that sells a Windows phone at all. The second-to-last one standing was the nearly three-year-old Nokia Lumia 635, which is now out of stock from Cricket Wireless. T-Mobile also had one for a little while with the Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10, which only came out in November, but the Un-carrier ended sales almost four months ago.

Neither Verizon's Lumia 735 nor Cricket's Lumia 635 are even considered to be supported phones anymore, so it would seem that even the 735's days are numbered, especially considering that Microsoft said that it planned to end sales of its phone hardware before the end of June.

Try not to fight with the crowd over the remaining stock

Unfortunately, the Lumia 735 just went out of stock on Verizon's website, and it's not listed as 'coming soon'. The device is in stock at some of the carrier's brick and mortar stores though, which you can easily check on its website.

But while Verizon is the only carrier that will sell you an activated device, Microsoft still offers a range of Windows handsets from its US Store. Currently in stock are the unlocked Alcatel IDOL 4S, HP Elite x3 bundle with the Desk Dock, Acer Liquid M330, and Acer Liquid Jade Primo bundle. Only the former two devices are currently supported for the Creators Update.

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