Verizon: Samsung could have its own popular smartphone OS

Imagine the Galaxy S III, but running on Samsung's own OS. Verizon has.

If Samsung wanted to, it could launch a smartphone operating system that would be a big competitor to iOS and Android. That's the opinion, anyway, of Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, who made these comments today in an investor conference. reports that, according to McAdam, Samsung has the resources and the clout to launch a major new smartphone OS, stating, "There's a potential elephant in the room with Samsung." In fact, Samsung has its own mobile OS, called Bada, but so far only a few of Samsung's smartphones use it.

McAdam also points out that Samsung's recent patent court loss to Apple could cause the company to move in new directions for its smartphone business.

However, McAdam also seems to like the two current alternatives to iOS and Android: Windows Phone and BlackBerry. McAdam said that despite Research in Motion's current financial troubles, the BlackBerry maker should not be totally dismissed. He also praised Microsoft's Windows Phone, saying, "What I like about Microsoft, it's not tied to one piece of hardware."

Verizon has already confirmed it will sell a number of Windows Phone 8 devices when the OS is launched later this fall.


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