Verizon's mmWave-enabled Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW can be pre-ordered on Thursday

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 series back in February, only the S20+ and S20 Ultra came to Verizon, because those are the only two that support both sub6 and mmWave 5G. And right now, Verizon's 5G network is all mmWave, with a sub6 network coming soon. The carrier has been pretty clear that it would get its own variant of the S20 5G, called the S20 5G UW, that does support both sub6 and mmWave, and it announced today that you can pre-order yours on May 21.

This isn't the first time that Verizon has managed to get its hands on a special edition of a 5G device that supports both sub6 and mmWave. LG's V60 ThinQ and the OnePlus 8 are also both sub6-only on any other network. In fact, the only two phones that support both on other carriers are the S20+ and the S20 Ultra.

Moreover, Verizon doesn't seem to be charging a premium for the device, as it has for others. It costs the same $999 ($41.66 a month for 24 months) as it would if you bought the sub6-only model unlocked. And of course, Verizon is offering deals.

If you buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series phone, you'll get $1,000 toward another if you add an Unlimited line and get the phone on a Verizon Device Payment plan. If both devices are the regular S20, that's a BOGO deal. Both new and existing customers can get $150 off of the S20 5G UW, provided over 24 bill credits. Existing customers can save up to 50% and get $350 savings with an eligible trade-in, and finally, purchasing the device can get you savings of $150 on Samsung tablets and $100 on Samsung wearables.

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