Video shows features in Windows Phone 8 SDK

Microsoft has only made the SDK for Windows Phone 8 available for a select few software developers, at least officially. However, as we reported before, the SDK for Microsoft's mobile operating system has found its way to other people who have leaked screenshots of the OS to the Internet.

Today, got a hold of the SDK and decided to run through the OS via an emulator. The result was a 10 minute video that they posted on YouTube. The quick overview of Windows Phone 8 shows off features that have been revealed before, such as the new mobile wallet service.

It's more than possible that Microsoft has locked out some features in this SDK build of Windows Phone 8 that have yet to be officially revealed. Other features that were shown in the feature includes Kid's Corner, which gives parents a way to allow their children to use their phones but with some locked out content.

Microsoft has not yet announced when more software developers will be able to access the Windows Phone 8 SDK. The OS has apparently reached RTM status but Microsoft decided not to make an official announcement on that front, as they did when Windows 8 reached its RTM status on August 1st. We expect that the first devices with Windows Phone 8 will be launched to the public sometime in November.

Source: YouTube

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