Video: This is how loud the Surface Pro 3 fans can get

After we posted up our closer look at the fan and heat from the Surface Pro 3, we were asked to make a video of how loud the fans actually get when the Pro 3 is under max load. And not wanting to leave any stone unturned, we have done just that. 

Obviously, a video of fan noise is not the most exciting thing in the world, but it does indicate how loud the fans can get during unique circumstances. I say 'unique' because we never had the fans get this loud during normal operation and to make this video, we had to run 3D Mark to get the fans working at full throttle. So, the video in this post shows the Pro 3 running under normal load (no fan noise) and the fan speed at max. 

Using the microphone in our Lumia Icon, we were able capture a peak sound output of 56dB, for reference, a golf tee being dropped from 12 inches on to a hard surface is around 80dB and the shutter on my Canon DSLR is 70dB. So the fan noise is not that loud but it is certainly loud enough to hear when running at maximum speed. 

Our full review is nearly complete and will go up early next week where we have meticulously covered every aspect of Microsoft's latest Surface tablet.

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