Water-Resistant, Printable Blu-Ray Media Unveiled

Imation Corporation, a leading supplier of optical disc media, revealed the world's first Blu-ray scratch-resistant media that features water-resistant technology – using ink-jet printer or markers on the discs is now possible. The manufacturer's suggested retail price, for a 25GB single-layer Blu-ray discs with AquaGuard technology that offers white, smear- and water-resistant inkjet printable disc surface with jewel case, is $24.99. Featuring proprietary nanoparticle technology, the AquaGuard coating grips and holds ink to lock designs in place, unlike standard inkjet media that easily smears when exposed to moisture.

"Imation's Blu-ray media with AquaGuard technology is the perfect disc. We've designed each side of the disc for professional use. The data side features high capacity and scratch resistance. The inkjet printable side allows for creation of custom, water-resistant printed images and text," said James Milligan, general manager of the company's commercial/OEM division.

Scratch Resistance? Check. Printable custom labels? Check. Copy protection cracked? Check. Who knows, maybe Blu-ray will win the HD war if pirates adopt the media. Too bad there's still the whole price "issue". Dear Sony, please start a price war.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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